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International Technical Editors

Dr. Atef Badr (Chair)

PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCE, CEng, MICE, FICT, FHEA
Head of Civil Engineering & Quantity Surveying
Military Technological College,  Muscat, Oman

T: +968 2209 1233

Prof. Jean Venables 

Past President of ICE
Cambridge, UK

International Representative

Mr. R. Mangabhai

Past President of ICT, UK

T: +44 7590 321 307


Please contact the Chair to apply

International Scientific Committee

          • Atef Badr, MTC, Oman (Chair)
          • Dominic Reeve, Uni of Swansea, UK (Co-Chair)
          • Said Al-Ismaily, SQU, Oman
          • Marlene Ann Tomaszkiewicz, UN PICCAR, UK
          • AbdulAzeez Ali Al Mashikhi, MRMWR, Oman
          • Rashid Yahya Al Abri, MRMWR, Oman
          • Yunqing Xuan, Uni of Swansea, UK
          • John Williams, Uni of Portsmouth, UK
          • Khamis Alsouli, OSE, Oman
          • Georges Vachaud, CNRS, France
          • Dawei Han, Uni of Bristol, UK
          • Evan Paleologos, Abu Dhabi Uni, UAE
          • Abdul Rahim Al Ismaili , SQU, Oman
    • Jean Venables, Past President of ICE, UK (Co-Chair)
    • Talal Al-Housni, SQU, Oman
    • Ralf Klingbeil, Federal Institute G&NR (BGR), Germany
    • Jan Vymazal, Czech Uni, Czech Republic
    • Abideen Ganiyu, MTC, Oman
    • Martin Tillotson, Leeds Uni, UK
    • Ali Al-Maktoomi, SQU, Oman
    • Salim Ali Al Mamary, OSW, Oman
    • Raman Mangabhai, ICT, UK
    • Alaba Boluwade, SQU, Oman
    • Morsaleen Chowdhury, MTC, Oman
    • Majid Al‐Jahdhami, MTC, Oman
    • Tariq Salim Al‐Rasbi, MODES, Oman

Owing to the uncertainty that persists with the current COVID-19 pandemic,  the conference be deferred for one year. The new dates are 9-11 Nov 2021.


Submission of new abstracts re-opened until: 30 September 2020

ICE will publish the Proceedings of OICWE 2020 in both conventional (Hand bound Book) and electronic formats. The proceedings will be available as open-access on the ICE Virtual Library.

Submission of new papers re-opened until: 11 November 2020