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International Technical Editors

Dr. Atef Badr (Chair)

PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCE, CEng, MICE, FICT, FHEA
Head of Civil Engineering & Quantity Surveying
Military Technological College,  Muscat, Oman

T: +968 2209 1233

Prof. Jean Venables 

Past President of ICE
Cambridge, UK

International Representative

Mr. R. Mangabhai

Past President of ICT, UK

T: +44 7590 321 307


Please contact the Chair to apply

International Scientific Committee

          • Atef Badr, MTC, Oman (Chair)
          • Dominic Reeve, Uni of Swansea, UK (Co-Chair)
          • Said Al-Ismaily, SQU, Oman
          • Marlene Ann Tomaszkiewicz, UN PICCAR, UK
          • AbdulAzeez Ali Al Mashikhi, MRMWR, Oman
          • Rashid Yahya Al Abri, MRMWR, Oman
          • Yunqing Xuan, Uni of Swansea, UK
          • John Williams, Uni of Portsmouth, UK
          • Khamis Alsouli, OSE, Oman
          • Georges Vachaud, CNRS, France
          • Dawei Han, Uni of Bristol, UK
          • Evan Paleologos, Abu Dhabi Uni, UAE
          • Abdul Rahim Al Ismaili , SQU, Oman
    • Jean Venables, Past President of ICE, UK (Co-Chair)
    • Talal Al-Housni, SQU, Oman
    • (Late) Ralf Klingbeil, Federal Institute G&NR (BGR), Germany
    • Jan Vymazal, Czech Uni, Czech Republic
    • Abideen Ganiyu, MTC, Oman
    • Martin Tillotson, Leeds Uni, UK
    • Ali Al-Maktoomi, SQU, Oman
    • Salim Ali Al Mamary, OSW, Oman
    • Raman Mangabhai, ICT, UK
    • Alaba Boluwade, SQU, Oman
    • Morsaleen Chowdhury, MTC, Oman
    • Majid Al‐Jahdhami, MTC, Oman
    • Tariq Salim Al‐Rasbi, MODES, Oman

Owing to the uncertainty that persists with the current COVID-19 pandemic,  the conference be deferred for one year. The new dates are 9-11 Nov 2021.


Due to the current COVID‐19 pandemic and restriction of travel, it has been decided to conduct the conference as an online event.

ICE will publish the Proceedings of OICWE 2020 in both conventional (Hand bound Book) and electronic formats. The proceedings will be available as open-access on the ICE Virtual Library.

Submission of Draft Full  papers re-opened until:  18 June 2021