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The papers are presented in the following sessions

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  • Management of Water Resources in Sultanate of Oman
  • Oman’s Aflaj – Celebrating National Heritage
  • Engineered Soil: Innovative Techniques Towards Saving
  • Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Effluents Using
    Electrochemical Advanced Process with Diamond Electrodes
  • Assessment of Helminths Ova in Wastewater
  • Bromate Removal from Drinking Water Using Adsorbates
    and ZnO (Zinc Oxide) Nanoparticles
  • Cosmo-RS Screening of Ionic Liquids for
    Perfluorooctanoic Acid
  • Research-Led Innovation to Deliver Sustainable Wastewater
    and Drainage Technologies
  • Novel Doubled Layered Hydroxides Nanocomposites for
    Effective Remediation of Water Contaminated with Toxic Pollutants
  • Adsorption Studies of Methylene Blue Removal by Low-Cost
  • Cost effective and energy saving technologies for industrial
    wastewater treatment process
  • Towards Sustainable Wastewater Treatment – Evaluation of
    Two Technologies
  • Desalination Sustainability – The Need to Think Again
  • Management Options for Extending the Lifecycle of Reverse
    Osmosis Membranes and their Environmental Assessment
  • Water Footprint Analysis of Construction Aggregates in
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Wadi Diqah River Basin in
  • Managing Catchments Sustainably – Isn’t one Person’s Flood
    another Person’s Water Resource?
  • Laundry Wastewater Characterization and Treatment for
    Reuse Purposes in Oman
  • Recycling Chilled Water Condensate from A/C Units to
    Reduce Water Scarcity in Oman
  • Stormwater Management Using Pervious Concrete Containing
    Sorghum Husk Ash and Recycled Concrete Aggregates
  • Experimental Investigation of Bimodal Wave Overtopping
  • Sliding Stability of Dayqah Dam Under Seismic Loads
  • Buckling Behaviour of Thin Shell Concrete Arch Dams
    with Geometrical Nonlinearities
  • Flash Floods Mitigation Using Structural Measures in Egypt
  • Suitability of Commonly Used Design Storm Profiles for Oman
  • Quantitative Modelling of Hydroclimatic Extremes
  • Modelling Heavy Metal Concentration in Kainji Hydropower
    Reservoir, Nigeria
  • Forecasting Effluent Turbidity and pH in Jar Test Using
    Radial Basis Neural Network
  • Field Investigation and Numerical Modelling of Drainage
    Systems in Coastal Regions
  • Study of Riser Reactor Design Using Simultaneous
    Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)
  • Effect of Climate Change on Aflaj in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Management of Water Losses in Water Distribution
    Systems Using Lean Six Sigma Framework
  • Hydraulic Analysis of Water Distribution Networks at the
    University of Ibadan
  • Gravity-Fed Rural Water Supply Design in Mount Rinjani
    Lombok for Sustainable Tourism
  • Discussion, Awards and Closing Remarks

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Due to the current COVID‐19 pandemic and restriction of travel, it has been decided to conduct the conference as an online event.

ICE will publish the Proceedings of OICWE 2020 in both conventional (Hand bound Book) and electronic formats. The proceedings will be available as open-access on the ICE Virtual Library.

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